What is the purpose of the "Abandoned Real Property" Ordinance?
The purpose of the ordinance is in the best interests of the health, safety and welfare of its citizens to protect neighborhoods against deterioration and blight, public nuisance and decline in property value caused by "Abandoned Real Property".

Why is contact information for "Abandoned Real Property" required?
The contact information is required to address any safety and or aesthetic concerns.

Does the applicable property need to be registered every year?
Yes, it is a yearly renewal as long as the property meets any of the following criteria:
1. Has had a lis pendens filed against it by the Lender holding a mortgage on the property
2. Is subject to an ongoing foreclosure action by the Lender
3. Is subject to an application for a tax deed
4. Pending tax assessor's lien sale, or
5. Has been transferred to the Lender under a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Are there any exceptions to the registration of abandoned real Property?
No there are not any exceptions to the registration.

What happens if an applicable property is not registered?
Fines and penalties can be applied and or a lien against the property can be filed.

What can I do if there is an abandoned property in my neighborhood?
Please contact the Redevelopment Authority direct.

When can a property be de-registered?
A deregistration form can be completed and submitted with the required documentation for the property to be removed.