The Allentown Redevelopment Authority (ARA) is authorized to acquire certified Blighted Properties using the eminent domain process. Certified Properties must meet one (1) or more of the twelve (12) criteria of blight, as defined by the Redevelopment Urban Law 1712.1.

The 12 abbreviated criteria are as follows:

1. Any premises because of its physical condition is declared a "Public Nuisance" as per local housing codes.

2. Any premises because of its physical condition is considered an "Attractive Nuisance" to children such as unsafe structures, basements or fences.

3. A dwelling that it dilapidated, unsafe lacking equipment necessary per housing code and "Tagged Unfit".

4. A structure that is a "Fire Hazard" and dangerous to the safety of persons or property.

5. A structure "Lacking Utilities" plumbing, heating or other facilities.

6. A Vacant "Unapproved Parcel of Ground" which has is neglected and has been a place for debris or rodents.

7. An occupied property that has been "Tax Delinquent for 2 years".

8. A property which has "Not Been Rehabilitated with in 1 year of Notice to Rehabilitate" from the code enforcement agency.

9. An "Abandoned Property".

10. A property that has "Defective or Unmarketable Title".

11. A property which has "Environmentally Hazardous Conditions".

12. A property having "3 or more of these characteristics"; (i) doesn't meet current use, occupancy or fire codes; (ii) unsafe accessways; (iii) being served by an unsafe street or right of way; (iv) violates property maintenance codes; (v) is vacant; (vi) is located in density area of at least 1k person per sq mile, or with more the 90% of the units being non residential.

Once a property meets one of the above criteria, the City of Allentown will send a formal Notice of Blight to the property owner. If the repairs are not completed, the property will be presented to the BPRC (Blighted Property Review Committee) for the Determination of Blight. If the repairs are still not completed, the property will be presented to the BPRC for the Certification of Blight. Once the property is certified as blighted, the Redevelopment Authority can proceed with eminent domain.