What do I need to do if I receive a notice of blight on my property?
If you receive a Notice of Blight, please contact the City of Allentown Building Standards & Safety Department to discuss and arrange an inspection of the property. If you have already done this, the property's blight issues will need to be addressed.

How do I get my property off the "Blighted Properties" list?
Because this is an official notice, your property can only be removed from the blight list when a Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Allentown is issued.

Why does the Redevelopment Authority want to take my property?
The Redevelopment Authority does not want to take anyone's property, one of our goals is compliance of municipal ordinances to encourage healthy community housing.

How does the Redevelopment Authority acquire properties?
The Authority acquires "Blighted" properties thru donations, amicable purchase and eminent domain.

Why do I keep receiving notices about my property while the required repairs are being completed?
Properties will continue to remain on the "Blight" list and receive notices until a clear Certificate of Occupancy is issued from the City of Allentown.

Does the Redevelopment Authority sell properties for $1?
Every property will have a different acquisition cost depending on the condition status of the property.

What happens to the properties the Redevelopment Authority acquires?
Depending on the property, the Redevelopment Authority will complete an internal rehab on the property and sell it in the open market or work with nonprofits and or developers to bring it to code compliance.

Can I sell or donate my property to the Redevelopment Authority?
Yes, the Redevelopment Authority is able to amicably purchase properties and or accept a property as a donation.

Does the Redevelopment Authority work with local contractors for the property rehabs?
The Redevelopment Authority is always looking for additional contractors to complete rehabs, please contact the Authority's Project Manager.

Will the Redevelopment Authority work with non-profit agencies?
Yes the Redevelopment Authority's mission is to work with non-profit agencies to support our local community.

Does the Redevelopment Authority sell rehabbed homes to low to moderate income families?
Yes depending on the funding used, the Redevelopment Authority does sell properties with low to moderate income restrictions.

How can I receive notifications of RFP's (Request For Proposals)?
The Redevelopment Authority does have a distribution list, please contact Megan Hart.