Jessica Ortiz

Jessica Ortiz


Executive Director & Founder of The Ortiz Ark Foundation. Jessica has been helping the community since she was a young child.

She has held numerous leadership positions both locally and nationally. Jessica was the Allentown Human Relations President. She has served on and established several non-profits in the community that service community needs.

She serves on the Government Affairs Board both locally and nationally. She created laws and policy for the citizens. She is an influencer. Jessica's non-profit career officially started 2012 when she saw a need in her local community. She decided to take her knowledge and skills and help strengthen others before establishing her own.

That career move led her to the The Ortiz Ark Foundation where her and her family could continue to do their families life work on a larger scale. Jessica is an enthusiast and very passionate. She loves being a mother, wife, cooking, drawing & writing. She is also a published author since the age of 15. Ortiz holds many titles and is executive chef, certified in Public Relations, Certified Transformational Leadership, Licensed Realtor & Minister.

She is a true Allentonian and loves her city.

Term Expires: April 26th, 2026