Constance Cohen

Constance Cohen


Connie Cowen was born and raised in Allentown and after her kids were grown, she settled back down within the city limits. There was an evening visit from Jack Pressman, the conversation was filled with the necessity of redevelopment in the city. Connie was intrigued for a possibility to give back to the city that she loves.

Connie was taught to "get involved" where you live, she said it made for interesting dinner conversations, not to mention it helped understand different situations and how to achieve successes. So, it only made sense that she was appointed to the Redevelopment Authority Board in 1993.

Since her appointment, she has served under 5 Mayors and has since retired from the Allentown Public Library after 24 dedicated years.

Connie continues to contribute to the city, as she sits on the Allentown Art Museum Auxiliary and the PA Sinfonia Orchestra Boards. Connie listens carefully and compassionately and is known to be a walking encyclopedia and GPS.

Term Expires: April 26th, 2023